Accessing rehabilitation specialists and physical therapy is one of the most significant unmet needs for people with disabilities and recovering patients worldwide. Research from John Hopkins reveals that children’s sports cause over 3.5 million injuries annually. Adding workplace injuries, vehicular accidents, and slips and falls to that figure will cause it to increase exponentially.

According to WHO, over 2.4 billion people worldwide endure the effects of health problems that rehabilitation can solve, but in middle-income settings, only about 50% of people have access to it. At the Charming Lakes Rehabilitation & Care Center, our therapists make our rehabilitation programs as cost-effective and time-efficient as possible so seniors can fit them into their budgets and schedules with no issue.

What Is Rehabilitation?

As people grow older, their ability to heal declines, making the senior population especially vulnerable to poor access to therapy. Rehabilitation programs help people recover from surgeries, illnesses, or injuries by restoring abilities that make it possible for them to live independently, such as walking, remembering things better, and eating food without professional supervision. Our experts at Charming Lakes Rehabilitation & Care Center focus on rehabilitation for people of advanced ages, offering wound care, speech therapy, and physical therapy for all types of impairments.

Rehabilitation addresses the root causes of temporary or semi-permanent disabilities, such as problems hearing, seeing, communicating, consuming food, thinking, and moving.

Healthcare professionals offer five types of rehabilitation that may overlap during a treatment program. Most rehabilitation centers accept insurance payments from worker’s compensation providers. Medicare only covers in-patient rehab for people with hospital admissions that lasted three or more days.

Five Types of Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Licensed physical therapists can administer therapy to patients who find it challenging to walk, grip, bend down, or make motor movements from previous or progressive disorders that affect their quality of life. Physical therapy programs aspire to improve balance, muscle strength, speed, and coordination. It can also reduce chronic pain for patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy refers to healthcare programs that help people restore their ability to perform everyday life-sustaining activities, such as eating, writing, bathing, and picking things up. Occupational therapists may teach patients new ways to accomplish tasks and adapt their home environment to accommodate their needs.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is for patients with a brain injury, developmental disorder, history of stroke, or hearing impairment. A licensed speech therapist will help them think with more organization and communicate more efficiently.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapists create treatment programs and administer chest physiotherapy, inhalants, and aerosol medications to help patients with airway problems, pulmonary traumas, and sleep disorders.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive therapy improves the quality of life for patients with reasoning, behavioral, and psychological problems. Most of them suffer from depression, eating disorders, and crippling anxiety.

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